Rematriation Magazine

Returning the Sacred to the Mother


Our Beginning

What is Rematriation Magazine?

This is a private online platform designed for Haudenosaunee women and Indigenous sisters who are drawn to our work. This is a safe space for us to discuss topics presented in Rematriation Magazine and reflect upon deeper connections in our communities and healing. 

How do I join?

Rematriation Magazine is a referral based network. Haudenosaunee women do not need a referral.



What does Rematriation Mean?

Rematriation means “Returning the Sacred to the Mother.”

Do I need to have a Facebook Account?

You do not need Facebook to join Rematriation Magazine. You may login with your personal email to create an account, or use your Facebook account to login.

What if I'm not Haudenosaunee?

All Indigenous women are welcome to join the Rematriation Magazine. Due to the sensitive nature of topics we discuss, we ask that non-Indigenous people respect our request for privacy. 

Why Can't I sign in?

If you are experiencing technical issues, please send the Rematriation Magazine Team an email. You may also not have a referral into Rematriation Magazine yet. 


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Rematriation Magazine is a partner of the Seven Dancers Coalition 501(c)(3) that is focused on ending sexual assault and domestic violence in Indigenous communities and helping to restore Indigenous values.